‘Traumatizing’ Disney Name Becomes Trendy

If there’s anything that Disney fans consider to be a polarizing topic (that is, besides Splash Mountain and former Disney CEO Bob Chapek), it might be Disney baby names. Some Disney enthusiasts love the idea of representing their love for Disney and the magic that it added to their own childhood by naming their children after Disney characters (ranging from Disney princesses to Disney princes to Disney villains, and sometimes even the Walt Disney Company itself).

To other Disney fans, Disney baby names are a selfish way for Disney Adults to set up their children with lifetimes of mockery and a contrarian dislike of Disney films (especially if the child’s name is as unsubtle a Disney name as this one)!

Regardless of the average Disney fan’s opinion on the matter, the fact remains that Disney names (or Marvel, or Star Wars)¬†continue to be popular baby names.


Two ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ dancers recently named their daughter after a Disney character.

The average mother or father is not the only one seduced by Disney names, either; multiple celebrities have named their children after characters like Minnie Mouse, and now we know that at least two different families have just named their children after a particularly controversial Disney character (and one of those couples, who have just had their baby, are celebrities from the popular TV show Love Island)!

Two stars of the British reality TV dating show called Love Island, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, have recently named their child Bambi.


Credit: Disney

Many couples from¬†Love Island¬†have ended up having children after their season of the reality TV show — and one¬†Love Island¬†star actually caused quite a stir in Disneyland recently — but the name “Bambi” has been causing some varied reactions since the 1942 Disney movie Bambi¬†is, of course, an animated movie with some very upsetting plot points.

As Ryan Reynolds put it when he rated Disney movies, “therapy‚Äôs not cheap‚ÄĚ and “a parent or an emotional support blanket” is needed for any¬†Bambi¬†viewings because it includes the ‚Äúcold-blooded killing of an innocent deer mom that will cause lifelong trauma.‚ÄĚ



In much the same way that some Game of Thrones fans regretted their decision to name their children Daenerys (after Daenerys Targaryen, a character played by Star Wars actress Emilia Clarke), some Disney fans might feel that parents like Hague and Fury (or like this influencer, Indy Clinton, who also recently named her child Bambi) will come to regret the Disney name.

Are you a fan of Disney names? Would you ever openly criticize someone for their choice of baby name?

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