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Disney Wedding Bride Spends $5k Catering Budget on Mickey and Minnie

Disney Wedding Bridezilla

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings are touted for being an extra magical way for couples to set off into their Happily Ever After. But in one recent case, it appears that magical results can vary–at least for the guests. In a Reddit post to the community titled “Am I The A**Hole” (AITA), a bride apparently confessed to making a budgeting decision ...

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Disney Wedding Gone Too Far? One Couple Forces Employees to Dance

Left: a couple in Disney wedding attire, dancing on a deserted street in front of a castle. Right: a cartoon image of a surprised-looking belle from "Beauty and the Beast"

It is already clear to many Disney Fanatics who take note of Disney Fairy Tale Weddings (or take note of engaged couples who think that they can’t afford an official Disney wedding, but still incorporate Disney touches into their big day) that some brides and grooms will go to extreme lengths to create a one-of-a-kind Disney magic for their wedding. ...

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Couple Visits Both Disney World and Disneyland During One Jam-Packed Day

disney adults vacation at disney world and disneyland

Disney Adults these days are a dime a dozen in the Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — but one happily-married couple has just made themselves stand out as hardcore Disney Fanatics by paying visits to Disney World and Disneyland on the same day! With Disney World being based in Florida and Disneyland being located in ...

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Meet the Adorable New Addition to Cinderella’s Story

white horse cinderella carriage disney world weddings

The iconic Disney princess and fairy tale heroine Cinderella might feel like her star is fading — or at least, the original version of her star — since her 1950 animated movie has been outshined by the 2015 Lily James film and since the original 1950 movie has just undergone a big change. However, Cinderella is still among the most ...

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‘Happily Ever After’ Singer Delights Audience With Surprise Performance

jordan fisher and angie keilhauer singing next to cinderella castle

Even if Disney fans have been finding plenty of issues to complain about on their Disney vacations or visits to Disney Parks, there are still some heartwarming and magical moments that present themselves as reminders of the Disney magic that attracted those devoted fans in the first place. One heaping dose of Disney magic has often been presented to Disney ...

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Colorblind Bride Sees In Color During Disney Wedding


“There’s no better place than Disney World to see color for the first time”, according to this bride! In a heartwarming scene worthy of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s magical romance, a Pennsylvania-based woman who has never seen in color was just given the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way during her Disney Fairy Tale Wedding ...

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Disney Adds More ‘Upgrades’ to Its Princesses


Disney has been making many changes to the beloved characters known as Disney princesses as of late — whether it has involved putting them into more edgy or couture attire, or changing the colors of their skin to be more diverse — and now one branch of Disney princess products has just made even more changes! Recently, the Barbie doll ...

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This Disney-Loving Couple Tied the Knot Despite Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian disney wedding

Hurricane Ian created dangers and challenges for many Florida residents in the past week, with the hurricane leading to flooding and ride damage in Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando International Airport closures, and shelter-in-place situations for Disney Resort Guests (who were treated to some classic Disney character company during the stressful time). However, some stormy weather was apparently not enough ...

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‘Splash Mountain’ Celebrity Proposes in Disney World

disney proposal brook lopez

Proposals at Disney Resorts and proposals within Disney Parks are certainly common, and they are always adorable scenes for other Guests to witness — but when the person proposing is also a famous fan of Splash Mountain, the proposal becomes all the more appropriate for a Disney location! Brook Lopez, the Milwaukee Bucks champion known as “Splash Mountain”, is a ...

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Disney Reveals 2022 Summer Wedding Trends

disney wedding

It’s no surprise to many brides and grooms (or anyone fantasizing about fairy tale weddings) that summer is known as the wedding season. June is considered to be the start of the most popular time for weddings, and naturally, Disney’s own Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Team has not failed to notice this pattern. This year, Disney’s Ever After blog has ...

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