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Meet the Adorable New Addition to Cinderella’s Story

white horse cinderella carriage disney world weddings
Photo Credits: Walt Disney World

The iconic Disney princess and fairy tale heroine Cinderella might feel like her star is fading — or at least, the original version of her star — since her 1950 animated movie has been outshined by the 2015 Lily James film and since the original 1950 movie has just undergone a big change.

However, Cinderella is still among the most recognizable and iconic of Disney princesses, and the most famous Cinderella image is, no doubt, her arrival at the royal ball in a resplendent ballgown amidst a carriage led by gleaming white horses — and the Disney World version of Cinderella has just welcomed a new addition to this Disney princess’s story!

Lily James as Cinderella, arriving at the ball in her carriage and ballgown

Credit: Disney

White as Snow

An adorable little Shetland pony foal, white as snow, has just been born at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Bay Lake.

Disney’s Tri-Circle-D Ranch is part of this Disney World Resort, and the ranch is home to the horses that pull carriages in the Disney Parks as well as horses that take Fort Wilderness Guests on eco-friendly trail rides.

The new Shetland pony is diminutive in size, but clearly big in presence — and Disney fans are already cooing over how cute she is! The little foal has not been named yet, but she arrives as the younger sister of Lilly (who was born in 2019 and named after Walt Disney’s wife).

White horses and a coachman on a carriage in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom.

For a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding in the Magic Kingdom, white horses and a coachman on a carriage are available Photo Credit: Disney Weddings

Big Hoofprints to Fill

According to PEOPLE, this Shetland pony will begin training when she is two years old to become one of the few white horses eligible to pull Cinderella’s carriage in Disney Fairy Tale Weddings or Disney World parades.

Lilly and her new sister have some big hoofprints to fill, since their mother and father (Lady and Ferdinand) have had that honor, but Lilly is reportedly already taking the lead on Cinderella’s current Shetland pony team!

The older offspring of Lady and Ferdinand was the first white Shetland foal born on Disney’s ranch property, and she appeared in the Disney+ show called Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

a couple in the signature magic kingdom coach with white horses and coachmen in front of cinderella castle at disney world

Credit: @disneyweddings

Have You Spotted Her Yet?

Disney announced in a press statement that “this new foal is already in the pasture bonding with mom” and that “soon, she will meet the two other Shetland pony foals in our care, Sprout and Finn, who were born earlier this spring.”

Until her training begins, the as-yet-unnamed Shetland pony foal will be visible in the pasture at Fort Wilderness Resort!


Be sure to keep an eye out for this foal at Fort Wilderness, and keep your ears pricked for news about this magical foal’s name!

P.S. The birth of this Shetland pony was reportedly not the only birth to happen in this Disney Resort recently, by the way!

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