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Idina Menzel Responds to Little Girl Singing “Let It Go” in Ukraine

let it go ukraine idina menzel

The past two weeks have been dark as the world watches Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but organizations, celebrities, and people worldwide have been offering aid to Ukrainians however they can. Ukrainians themselves have exhibited remarkable strength in the face of the Russian invasion, and when footage of a Ukrainian girl singing the famous Frozen hit song “Let It Go” from within ...

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Video from Kyiv, Ukraine: Little Girl Sings ‘Let it Go’ in Bomb Shelter

Ukrainian Girl Sings "Let it Go"

Updated – 3/7/22 Amid the darkness of the Russia-Ukraine War, one little spark of Disney magic shined bright. We were first drawn to a video shared by the New York Post that showed a little Ukrainian girl singing “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen in a bunker surrounded by other families. We have now found the full video from the original source ...

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Unusual Disney Pets Whose Owners Love Them


We all love our pets, and Disney characters are no different. From fair maidens who keep pet mice, to mice who own pet dogs, we’ve seen a myriad of different combinations throughout the years. And sometimes we even get to experience the unique onscreen bonds between owners and what can only be described as less-than-conventional companions. Here are nine such ...

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Review: Josh Gad Trades Snowmen for Werewolves in ‘Wolf Like Me’

josh gad

Fans of Olaf or shows like Teen Wolf can curl up to enjoy a series on Peacock that’s merging Josh Gad (the comedic actor best known for voicing Olaf in the Frozen franchise) with a unique werewolf story! The original series Wolf Like Me premiered in January on Peacock, and features actor Josh Gad as a struggling widower and Isla Fisher as ...

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Your DIY Guide to Planning a Disneyfied Date

Snow White and her Prince, Disney

We’re at that time of year again when love and romance are at the forefront of so many minds. And while there are few, if any, who can honestly claim to have a relationship that’s anywhere remotely on the level of what we see portrayed in a classic Disney movie, there are plenty of opportunities for you to seize the ...

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Here’s How You Can Go to the Real-Life Destinations That Inspired Disney

The Norway Tour offered through Adventures By Disney

Did you know that many of the iconic places portrayed in Disney film, along with a number of notable attributes within Disney Parks, were actually inspired by real-life locations from all around the world? What’s even better is that you can visit many of these destinations personally, via some of the great tour packages offered through Adventures By Disney. From ...

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Review: Kristen Bell Trades Disney Princesses for Dark Comedy in Her New Thriller

Kristen Bell Anna

Actress and businesswoman Kristen Bell is best known for her voiceover work as the voice of Disney princess Anna (now Queen Anna) in Frozen (2012) and Frozen II (2019), her line of CBD-infused skincare called Happy Dance, and her happy-go-lucky roles in romcoms like You Again (2010) or Bad Moms (2016). Kristen Bell did demonstrate her broader range when she played a ...

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