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Disney Fans Lash Out After Seeing Controversial “Greatest” Song Rankings

mulan and tarzan glare at bruno

Billboard has released an updated version of its “Greatest of All Time Disney Songs Chart,” and many Disney fans will probably not be happy! The Billboard song chart lists do often change, adjusting to suit what listeners are actually listening to the most, but one of Billboard’s most recent new lists –featuring 100 of Disney’s “greatest” songs — has Disney ...

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Bruno FINALLY Joins ‘Encanto’ Character Meet and Greets

bruno in encanto

We may not talk about Bruno when we’re in Colombia or the Madrigal Casita, but now Disney Guests will finally have the chance to meet the enigmatic and endearingly-hapless character in person! The animated movie¬†Encanto¬†was a huge hit when it premiered on Disney+ in 2021, partly due to its vibrantly-colorful scenery and partly due to its record-breaking soundtrack. The song ...

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Conflicted Mother Regrets Baby’s ‘Encanto’ Name

mirabel glares at bruno

Many Disney Fanatics find that, after watching a plethora of inspiring animated Disney movies and singing along to motivational Disney princess power ballads, they are inclined to keep some of that Disney magic in their life by naming their pets or children after Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars¬†characters. Some Disney names are better than others for Disney fans’ babies ...

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‘Encanto’ Stars Get Back In Character for Hollywood Bowl Concert


Not every animated Disney movie has been a hit with audiences in the past few years — but the movie¬†Encanto, which takes place in Colombia and came to Disney+ for its premiere last Christmas, has certainly made an impression on many Disney fans (not to mention Lin-Manuel Miranda fans).¬† One of the biggest highlights of Encanto¬†was the soundtrack, followed closely ...

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Disney Releases Updated Version of ‘Encanto’ Soundtrack


The breakout hit¬†Encanto¬†danced its way into many Disney fans’ hearts last winter when the movie about the Madrigal family and their magical Casita premiered on the streaming service Disney+. Many months later, the¬†Encanto¬†soundtrack has still remained a new favorite among Disney fans — with hits like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure” being big standouts — and now ...

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Disney Excludes Bruno from ‘Encanto’ Special

bruno madrigal mirabel madrigal encanto

There is a very special new version of¬†Encanto¬†coming Disney fans’ way soon — but apparently, the black sheep Bruno is still not invited! Bruno Madrigal became a fan favorite after Disney fans saw his (and his Madrigal family members’) movie,¬†Encanto, on Disney+ last year.¬†This was in large part due to the runaway success of the song from the soundtrack about ...

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‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Becomes More Inclusive

encanto bruno asl

To some Disney Fanatics, the siren song of the¬†Encanto¬†soundtrack might feel like a far-off, distant memory. After all,¬†Encanto¬†came to viewers many months ago. However, the movie made quite an impression on audiences since its premiere — and mainly because of its notoriously-catchy and addicting song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. The misunderstood Uncle Bruno and his theme song might have ...

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Video: Casey’s Corner Pianist Performs ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’

Encanto (2021) came with a massively popular soundtrack that has topped the charts consistently since the film’s debut and spawned numerous social media trends. While the story of Encanto is understated at Walt Disney World (aside from merchandise, only small offerings like gardens and food stands inspired by the film have shown up during EPCOT festivals), one Disney Cast Member ...

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‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Will Be Performed on ‘American Idol’

bruno encanto

The 2022 Academy Awards caused a great deal of controversy and scandal when it came to Will Smith and Chris Rock — but another big controversy from Oscars night involved the live performance of the record-breaking¬†Encanto¬†song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. The performance was considered to be disappointing overall, and now “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is getting another chance ...

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D23 Announces American Idol’s ‘Disney Night’ Songs

american idol

The classic singing competition television show¬†American Idol¬†is bringing back an “iconic” episode from the show’s previous seasons: Disney Night! The Official Disney Fan Club D23 has just revealed which Disney songs have made it into the lineup for this popular American idol theme. Take a look at the list below to see if any of your favorite Disney songs made ...

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