‘Disney Wish’ Cruise Ship Educates Children With Exclusive Backstage Access

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Disney Cruise Line is helping children channel their inner Moana this summer. While you don’t often learn much about maritime professions, the company has recognized that plenty of kids are called by that line where the sky meets the sea. To better educate these aspiring seafarers, Disney has allowed some lucky children exclusive access to parts of the Disney Wish that most Guests will never see, allowing them to learn firsthand about the many Disney Cruise Line careers.

Disney Cruise Line is going above and beyond to offer a remarkable chance to delve into the world of maritime professions. This unique initiative is part of Disney Cruise Line’s interest in showing the younger generation various aspects of the cruise ship industry. In collaboration with the LJM Maritime Academy, Disney Cruise Line has orchestrated an exceptional summer camp experience for children between the ages of 10 and 13. Most recently, 32 students in the Bahamas had the opportunity of a lifetime when the Disney Wish cruise ship came to town.

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Aspiring Youth Learn About Disney Cruise Line Careers

As part of this program, children were granted an exclusive opportunity to step aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship while it was docked in Nassau. This hands-on encounter allowed them to explore various facets of the ship, interact with crew members representing diverse roles, and even visit the ship’s command center bridge. A meeting with Captain Minnie was definitely part of the fun, but learning about the industry from the bridge crew, including the captain of the Disney Wish, was a particular highlight for these young minds.

The children also got to explore other lines of work on the ship. They made stops at the youth activities spaces and interacted with officers onboard. One of the youth told the Nassau Guardian about the experience:

When I grow up, I want to become a ship captain, but first, I learned that you have to be trained and become an officer. I hope to continue to learn more, so that one day, I can be a captain on a ship like the Disney Wish.

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Disney Fosters Learning

Disney Cruise Line is actively fostering an environment of learning by contributing to the LJM Maritime Academy scholarship program. Aspiring young individuals who dream of becoming ship captains or shipboard leaders are offered the chance to pursue their ambitions through these scholarships. Covering tuition for a comprehensive three-year program, including two years of study and a year of practical experience aboard a Disney ship, these scholarships empower the next generation of seafarers to set sail with confidence. The company wants to invest in young minds in the Bahamas to seek out careers at sea.

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Disney Cruise Line Sails Toward the Future

Disney Cruise Line is in a massive revival period after being forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s visionary plans extend to new horizons as they introduce the Disney Treasure next year, with another anticipated Wish-Class ship in development. The ambitious transformation of a colossal purchased ship into a Disney cruise vessel bound for Singapore’s ports further demonstrates the company’s commitment to maritime exploration on a global scale.

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Disney Treasure Grand Hall

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Disney has recognized the importance of educating youth about Disney Cruise Line careers and other maritime opportunities. Furthermore, Initiatives like this can only help young minds. Careers at sea are not often the most easily accessible and prevalent jobs, but this kind of initiative can only help broaden the appeal.

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