‘Disney Prime?’: Disney Explores Amazon Prime Style Membership

disney membership

Recent reports indicate that Disney is looking to create a new membership program that would be similar to Amazon Prime.

The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest corporations in the United States. It is a media giant in the entertainment and TV sector, with ownership of studios like Marvel, Disney Pixar, and LucasFilms, and has two major Resorts domestically—Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort—that are complete with 4 Theme Parks and 2 Water Parks.

Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Outfits/Disney

Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Outfits/Disney

The Walt Disney Company already has systems in place allowing Guests to visit the Theme Parks and Disney Resorts with an Annual Pass and Magic Key, and on the streaming side with Disney+. They also offer a D23 membership which many hardcore fans do partake in, giving them exclusive access to extra news surrounding the company, including the upcoming D23 expo held each year at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Even with all this, it appears Disney has its sights set on more in the following years.

Per this report from the Wall Street Journal, Disney is looking into creating a membership program similar to Amazon Prime. Disney executives have even referred to this program as “Disney Prime” behind the scenes, though they will most likely not be naming it that officially when released.

Current CEO Bob Chapek and former CEO Bob Iger/Disney

Bob Chapek and Bob Iger/Disney

It seems like the entertainment giant is looking to package streaming, parks, and merchandise offerings together and is looking into adding a commerce feature to Disney+. Where Amazon Prime offers benefits such as free shipping, discounts at Whole Foods, and a complementary streaming video service for a monthly or annual fee, the upcoming “Disney Prime” might offer discounts or special perks to encourage customers to spend more on its streaming services, Theme Parks, Resorts and merchandise.

The discussions at Disney are still in the early stages.

According to WSJ, it couldn’t be learned how much the company would charge for membership and how long it would take to launch this kind of program.

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle/Disney

The article mentioned that Disney CEO Bob Chapek supports this effort; it appears Chapek has been vocal internally and publicly about the opportunity for Disney to engage in more opportunities to cross-sell to customers.

The article quoted a statement from Kristina Schake, Senior Executive VP and Chief Communications Officer at Disney,

“Technology is giving us new ways to customize and personalize the consumer experience so that we are delivering entertainment, experiences and products that are most relevant to each of our guests…A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas that is being explored.”

The Walt Disney Company is undoubtedly endeavoring to find new ways to reach its customers and learn more about them. Here’s hoping this new program will be less divisive—conceptually or price-wise—among Disney Fans.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to keep readers updated about this and all other Disney news as more updates come to light.

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