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Every Single Roller Coaster at Every Disney Park

The Disney ride scene is more creative now than ever before. Among the six operating Disney Resort Parks around the world, there are just so many exciting options to cater to all different ages, interests, and thrill levels.

Every Disney Park is a place where both young riders just starting out as well as seasoned pros alike can bask in the magic of fun theming and an array of optimal options to have fun with. And while rides and attractions can take on so many manifestations, one time-tested theme park classic that never ceases to captivate fans is that contested contraption we all know and love as the roller coaster.

Even among roller coasters in general, each one is known for exuding individual novelties across the board. And Disney boasts well over two dozen original coasters at that. From kiddie coasters to more intense interests, we’re taking a look at every single roller coaster at every Disney Park.

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The Barnstormer

 This joyful junior coaster, which you will find over at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park’s Storybook Circus area in Fantasyland, is a great introduction for daring kiddies just starting out. It follows the theme of Disney’s one and only Goofy, having created a homemade stunt airplane, which you as the rider will get to test out for yourself! The runtime for the ride is just under a minute, with speeds reaching a maximum of just 25 mph at most.


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Goofy’s Sky School

Goofy headlines another fun coaster within the Paradise Gardens section of Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Following in the tradition of your usual wild mouse-like steel roller coaster classics, a theme inspired by 1940 short “Goofy’s Glider” gives this ride just the twist it needs to save it from redundancy. This ride runs just under two minutes and reaches speeds of 27 mph.

Sky school

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Gadget’s Go Coaster

In getting back to junior coasters specifically, here’s an excellent option that has two incarnations — one at Disneyland Park in Anaheim and the other at Tokyo Disney Resort. Based on the concocted handiwork of the character Gadget Hackwrench from Disney’s animated series Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (and the recently released Disney+ feature film), this quick little kiddie ride only runs for a total duration of just 44 seconds and never exceeds speeds of 22 mph.

Gadget's Go

Credit: Disney

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Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster

In continuing on with the interest of Disney characters providing a persona for a junior coaster, The Little Mermaid’s one and only Flounder the fish takes underwater wonders to new heights with this cute little contraption. Based, appropriately enough, in Tokyo DisneySea at Tokyo Disney Resort, Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster is one of the slowest-moving coasters, at just 20 mph. It runs for a grand total of just one minute and six seconds.

Flounder Flying Fish

Credit: Disney

Crush’s Coaster

 Not to be outdone by a fish, Crush the turtle of Finding Nemo fame makes waves with this cool coaster, which you will find within Walt Disney Studios Park over at Disneyland Paris. Reaching speeds of 38 mph, this wild spinning roller coaster set-up seats four to a turtle shell car, back-to-back on an under-the-sea dark ride delight.

Crush Coaster

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Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque

 For a very low-key, gentle ride that’s really more train than a coaster, there’s this cute little setup, also based in Disneyland Paris. Following a Dumbo-inspired theme, and made to look like train tracks with dips and tilts in all the right places, this is your chance to join in the circus and take a tour of miniatures within Storybook Land. The ride lasts just under four minutes in total.

Casey J

Credit: Disney

RC Racer

Get ready to “toy” around with this half-pipe steel roller coaster, modeled after Mattel’s Hot Wheels car line and appropriately representing Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story Franchise. Reaching speeds of up to 47 mph, the ride is set up in a way so that in each car, riders are seated four across in rows of five. This means that 20 Guests may ride at a time. The entire experience lasts for around just a minute.

You will find RC Racer coasters at both Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. Shanghai Disney Resort also has a version of this ride that goes under the name Rex’s Racer.

RC Racer

Credit: D23

Slinky Dog Dash

 Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios has its own Toy Story-themed coaster. It’s none other than the Slinky Dog Dash. As a newer family coaster classic in the making, this springy adventure bounces along at speeds of 40 mph and runs for around two minutes total.

Slinky Dog

Credit: Disney

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Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

If you’re looking for more intense thrills with sharp dips, flips, and turns while out and about at Hollywood Studios in Disney World, you might just want to head on over to this extreme coaster. This high-speed excursion is a dark ride that is based indoors and takes riders on a literally breathless rush down the highway in the fastest stretch limo ever.

Total speeds reach up to 57 mph, and the entire experience clocks out at one minute and 22 seconds.

Rock Rollercoaster

Credit: Disney

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Before its re-theming, Disneyland Paris had its own version of Rockin’ Roller Coaster as well. Now the experience has been transformed into Adventures Assemble: Flight Force. While fans of the original intensity will still enjoy all the thrills in all the right places, the new storyline deals with Iron Man tracking a series of warheads being sent to Earth via aliens.

Because he is unable to find superhero allies to help him, you (the riders) will be filling the role, hence why you will be boarding Stark spaceships called “Hypersonique.” And there you have the ride, which remains at a one minute and 22-second duration and reaches speeds of 57 mph.

Avengers Assemble

Credit: Disney

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Test Track

Over at Walt Disney World Resort’s EPCOT Park, you will find this awesome automotive excursion. First, you get to envision and create your own virtual concept car in a design center. Then you board a six-passenger “Sim Car” for a wild ride like no other.

Based both indoors and out, you will navigate tests, experience jerks and sudden sharp turns, and then comes the grand finale of busting out the doors for an exhilarating fly down a curving highway at speeds that excel up to 65 mph. The entire experience takes about five minutes.

Test Track

Credit: D23

 Radiator Springs Racers

 Appropriately enough, Cars Land in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has its fair share of cool car contraptions. And in keeping with the roller coaster side of things, here’s another exciting simulated slot car endeavor, which follows the same dark ride (with outdoor component) setup as Test Track does.

Lasting a grand total of four minutes, the top speeds for this thrill reach up to 40 mph.

Radiator Springs Racers

Credit: Disney

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Journey to the Center of the Earth

There is another like-minded simulated slot car endeavor to take in, over at Tokyo DisneySea. Loosely following the theme of the Jules Verne classic of the same name, this dark ride runs for a thrilling three minutes at speeds that reach up to 47 mph.

Journey Center

Credit Disney

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

 This fun family coaster, inspired by the plot of the 1937 Walt Disney animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, takes riders on a quaint three-minute adventure via mining car. Laden with dips, drops, twists, and turns, maximum speeds reach 34 mph. You will find versions of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at both Walt Disney World Resort and Shanghai Disney.

Seven Dwarfs

Credit: Disney

Space Mountain/Hyperspace Mountain

 The beloved classic indoor roller coaster that’s such a staple at so many Disney Parks has been known predominantly for being Space Mountain. In recent years, however, some Park locations have implemented seasonal switch-outs to the attraction, incorporating a Star Wars theme overlay.

While both Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disney have made the changes permanent, Disneyland Park in Anaheim keeps with the Space Mountain concept, only changing things out seasonally. The Tokyo Disneyland version is also still known as Space Mountain. The original version based in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park has only ever been Space Mountain and has never changed.

Each version has its own distinct track, with some offering wilder experiences than others, including differing speeds and durations.

Space Mountain

Credit: Disney

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The Incredicoaster

If you’re looking for an incredible roller coaster, look no further than the Incredicoaster over at Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure in Anaheim. Inspired by the Disney-Pixar franchise The Incredibles, this high-speed coaster shoots you along for all the thrills, chills, dips, and even an upside-down loop. You will reach speeds up to 55 mph, with the whole experience lasting for around one minute and 20 seconds.


Credit: Disney

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril  

There are many different Indiana Jones-based attractions throughout Disney Parks the world over, but over in Disneyland Paris, theirs takes the form of a thrilling roller coaster. For this exciting experience, you are on a daring adventure aboard a mining train through a lost temple that is laden with dips, twists, turns, and more. The total expedition is done in just one minute and 15 seconds, with speeds topping 36 mph.

Indiana Jones coaster

Credit: Disney

 Raging Spirits

If you like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, we have this other recommendation waiting for you over at Tokyo DisneySea. Get ready for an exciting excursion through an ancient ceremonial site and the Incan ruins of Peru at high speeds. This is the only ride in all of Tokyo Disney Resort to feature an inversion. Speeds reach up to 37 mph with a total duration lasting one minute and 38 seconds.

Raging Spirit

Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This classic attraction is featured in several Disney Parks around the world. Themed (with some variation) as a bumpy rugged ride on rail tracks in an old mining town during American westward expansion, it’s a great family coaster with all the perfect dips, twists, turns, and drops in all the right places.

The experience runs for a total duration of three minutes and reaches speeds of up to 35 mph. You will find incarnations of Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, and Disney Tokyo.


Credit: Disney

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

While Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t have its own Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, it does have this “beary” excellent alternative, which seems to blend the very best of the aforementioned along with Disney World’s Expedition Everest (which we will get to momentarily).

Since this ride is a steel coaster that features animatronic bears and both forward and backward components, you will enjoy speeds of up to 45 mph for a grand total of three thrilling minutes.

Grizzly coaster

Credit: Disney

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Expedition Everest—Legend of the Forbidden Mountain  

Here it is: a longtime classic of Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom that needs no introduction. Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is a high-speed thrill that includes an elevated ascent up to a forbidden mountain guarded by the elusive yeti of local lore and legend.

You will zip along with dips, dives, and sharp turns, venturing both forward and backward. And at the dramatic conclusion, you’ll even need to dodge the menacing yeti as he reaches for you. The experience lasts for three minutes and reaches speeds of up to 45 mph.

Expedition Everest

Credit: Disney

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Walt Disney World Resort wasn’t the first to feature a cryptoid ape-like beast. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has been showing off its Abominable Snowman in its classic Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction from the very start. Themed after the one and only Matterhorn of the Alps, this coaster made history for having the first-known tubular steel continuous track. And it’s still a popular pick that never goes out of style.  The ride lasts for two minutes and ventures by at speeds of 27 mph.


Credit: Disney

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

 This is the shiny new attraction that’s all the rage at Walt Disney World Resort now. Based in EPCOT, this Guardians of the Galaxy-themed dark ride coaster has achieved many greats as far as firsts in coaster technology are concerned, including its spinning component. Topping speeds at 60 mph, the total riding experience runs just over three minutes.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Credit: Disney

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TRON Lightcycle Power Run  

This unique, semi-enclosed coaster at Shanghai Disney follows the theme of the Tron film franchise. Its biggest callout is perhaps the individual bike seating that riders mount to be taken on a high-flying race down a cool-blue tonal track.

Speeds reach 59 mph, although the open spacing makes it feel much faster. While Shanghai is currently the only place to find this roller coaster, a second version is underway (it is being built at Walt Disney World Resort within the Tomorrowland section of the Magic Kingdom).


Credit: Disney

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Roller coasters are great for getting your high-speed thrill fixing. And in addition to these exciting options, remember that Disney Parks also play host to a seemingly innumerable array of alternative options as well. Where attractions are concerned, Disney magic is forever growing, and there is always something exciting for every Guest of any age or thrill level.

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