Disney Increases Genie+ Price Again

genie price increase

Even though Disney fans have been reporting more and more discontent with their customer experience in regard to Disney vacations (particularly due to increased Disney prices, bad Guest behavior in the Disney Parks, and current Disney leadership), Disney has continued to alienate its fans in many ways.

This week, multiple price increases were put into place, with the most notable price increases being Disneyland ticket prices and price increases for the add-on to the Disney Genie service called Genie+. Genie+ prices now vary every day as well — and today, the price is high!

genie+ price

The price for the Disney Genie+ service has increased.

When prospective Disney Guests endeavor to purchase Genie+ today (October 15, 2022), they will see that the price for the add-on to the Disney Genie service is now $22 per person per day (plus tax).

Since Disney Guests have been reporting plenty of problems or disappointments when it comes to Genie+ (even though Disney says that the service is doing “phenomenally well”), this price will not be good news for Disney fans who are already disgruntled about buying the service.

genie+ price

Credit: Jamie Sylvester

The Disney Parks did not waste any time in implementing the price increases and the day-to-day changes in prices this week right after announcements about said increases, and Disney Guests are not happy. Some Disney locations are also charging Guests more if they are not vaccinated against COVID-19 during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.



Credit: Disney

We have seen increases in the prices for everything from Star Wars rides and experiences to Disney dining options lately, with Guests choosing to avoid certain Disney offerings or even visit Universal Orlando Resort instead in order to save money. As Genie+ continues to increase in price — not to mention change on a daily basis, in a system that is already confusing a lot of people (including a former Imagineer) —  it seems that the Disney discontent is going to keep replacing the Disney magic.

Are you a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort Guest who is upset about the increases in Disney prices? Do you think that these price increases are a sign that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are going to copy this Disney Resort and opt for more high-end Disney vacations that only allow for smaller groups of visitors at a time?

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