‘Ms. Marvel’ Creator Explains the Finale’s Shocking Reveal

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Marvel Studios has been impressing audiences and Marvel fans recently with hits like the unconventional series Moon KnightĀ and the blockbuster movie Thor: Love and Thunder, and now another new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has fans talking.Ā Ms. MarvelĀ just finished its first season, with a total of six episodes, and the season finale included a major reveal about the protagonist Kamala Khan!

The finale was filled with dramatic events, including the unveiling of Kamala Khan’s new superhero outfit and the development of Kamala’s superhero name (replacing Night Light): Ms. Marvel. However, one big moment following those events was (spoiler alert!) the revelation that Kamala Khan is not just a djinn: she’s a mutant.

Kamala’s best friend Bruno tells the Jersey City high schooler that he’s examined her genetic makeup again to explore her superpowers, and that he’s found out something surprising: Kamala is a djinn like her ancestors, but she also has a “mutation” making her stand out.

Kamala Khan could potentially be part of the Young Avengers group in the Marvel comics, which also includes the X-Men mutants, so the word ‘mutation’ has made Marvel fans and X-Men fans’ ears prick up. The co-creator of Kamala Khan and executive producer of Ms. Marvel, Sana Amanat, recently confirmed the news and definitively implied that the X-Men are indeed on their way into the story.

ā€œHereā€™s a really important thing that people do not know,” Sana Amanat told Empire magazine. “When we were thinking about the character of Kamala back, back, back in the day in 2012, 2013, when [G.] Willow [Wilson, comic book writer] and myself were ideating, we originally wanted to make her a mutant. That was the whole intention, to be able to do that.ā€

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Sana Amanat deftly dodged questions about the X-Men appearing, responding with the following: “Is she a mutant, question mark? I donā€™t know. I donā€™t know, guys! All I know is that we use the word ā€˜mutationā€™, and thatā€™s all I can say. I will say, I think this is opening up doors for a lot of great storytelling, obviously, as a huge fan, umā€¦ of the word ā€˜mutation,ā€™” she conceded. “Iā€™m really happy about it.ā€

Marvel secrets are kept close to the actors’ and creators’ chests, so Sana Amanat isn’t saying anything more, but it seems pretty obvious that the Kamala Khan co-creator was referring to the X-Men mutants in the interview. So if you’re a fan of X-Men like Jean Grey, Mystique, Storm, and Cyclops, then buckle up — some X-Men will probably be joining Kamala Khan and forming the Young Avengers soon!

This big reveal in the finale of Ms. Marvel was also followed by a post-credits scene with a major plot twist: Kamala Khan notices her bangle glowing and then suddenly switches places with Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson), who is shocked to find herself in her biggest fan’s bedroom surrounded by Captain Marvel memorabilia and fan art.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Iman Vellani will be reprising her role as Kamala Khan and Ms. Marvel in the upcoming movieĀ The Marvels, and it’s been confirmed that she’s already filmed the movie alongside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris (who plays Monica Rambeau from WandaVision). Samuel L. Jackson is also returning as Nick Fury, and Iman Vellani was noticeably starstruck on set.

iman vellani ms marvel

Iman Vellani Credit: Simrah Farrukh /

There have been plenty of fresh faces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently, which many Marvel fans are happy about. Which character are you most excited to see more of:Ā Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, Kamala Khan, America Chavez from the newĀ Doctor Strange sequel,Ā the three characters played by Moon Knight actor Oscar Isaac), Agatha Harkness from WandaVision, or She-Hulk?

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