Please Your Palate With These Top Pastries At Disney World

Pastry Bucket

Pastries cover a broad range of goodies, from croissants to pastry puffs, and everything else in between. What’s more, Disney is known for offering an equally broad range of options that are so perfuse, in fact, that it would be difficult to pinpoint teach and every one of them. So we’re providing you with a list of suggested places to consider heading to where you will find varying different pastry options to delight in.

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24. Cafés and Coffee Kiosks

It goes without saying that you can delight in a vast array of pastries at pretty much any given café or coffee kiosk around Walt Disney World Resort. From Joffrey’s to reputed Starbuck’s (affiliated) locations, many provide assorted pastries of profuse varieties. There are also plenty of food courts that feature the likes as grab and go selections. Additionally, assorted pastries often get featured on the breakfast menu at a number of Disney World-based restaurant locations as well.

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23. Cheshire Cat Café

You’ve probably heard about this quick-service snack stop over at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Fantasyland. And it is here you can get your pastry pleasures in two unique ways. First and foremost there is the Cheshire Tail—a colorfully garbed, braided pastry loaded with chocolate filling on the inside. But if you’re more of a heat rather than sweet kind of person, your best bet here would be trying out their Pepper Jack Pretzel instead. Yes, Pretzels are considered pastries too, but given their broadness to make it into a category all their own, our profiling of such here will be limited.

22. Woody’s Lunch Box

This Toy Story-themed quick-service venue at Hollywood Studios is a convenient consideration for park guests and appeals to both children and children of yesterday who can get lost in recreated renditions of nostalgic childhood food classics. And because snack tarts are often a part of most kids’ daily routines at least at some point during the growing up phase, Woody’s Lunch Box offers plenty of original takes on such with their house specialty Daily Lunch Box Tarts. Options include the Chocolate-Hazelnut, coasted with maple fondant and candied bacon; Raspberry, with raspberry marmalade and strawberry fondant with crispy pearls; Lemon-Blueberry, comprising of blueberry filling and lemon frosting, and their limited-time Holiday Tart—filled with apple pie consistency and decked out with cinnamon icing, sugar snowflakes, and holiday sprinkles.

Credit: Disney

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21. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

This acclaimed bakery on location within the France Pavilion in EPCOT is one of the most highly recommended go-to places for finding a pleasing array of profuse pastry offerings. Here are just some of what you will enjoy on the menu here:

  • The Croissant Amandes—A chocolate croissant with almond filling
  • Pain au Chocolat—A house-made chocolate croissant
  • Macaron Lime Raspberry—Filled with raspberry and lime cream
  • Macaron Collection—Assorted macarons
  • Éclair Chocolate—Chocolate cream éclair
  • Napoleon—Puff pastry layered with cream
boulangerie patisserie

20. Be Our Guest Restaurant

Being fashioned after Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and featuring French cuisine, nevertheless, it goes without saying that this is another great go-to place if you’re hankering for a macarons fixing to finish your meal off with. The featured macaron in this case is the Lemon Jam Macaron—a delightful compilation of the stated ingredients in a way that can melt away any beastly interior.

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19. Amorette’s Patisserie

This is one of several exceptional bakeries to try out while making your rounds in Disney Springs. And it is here that you can get your pastry fixing with three tantalizing suggestions. First up is their Sunset on Mile Marker 0 Key Lime Tart presentation, comprised of Chantilly and baked meringue. Then there is their house specialty Éclair, which comes in pistachio, caramel sea salt, chocolate, or hazelnut. Then there is their Macaron-5 count fixing with available flavors that include pistachio, caramel sea salt, espresso, chocolate, and passion fruit.

18. L’Artisan des Glaces

While known primarily as a well-established ice cream destination within EPCOT’s France Pavilion, one pastry feature they boast on the menu here is their own house macaron collection. But it doesn’t end there, for they do the unexpected with their macarons—they use them in their own personal concocting of Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, in which guests get to choose their ice cream filling while nevertheless enjoying the traditional macaron.

Lartis an de Glaces

17. Tutto Italia Ristorante

If you’re hankering for some traditional Italian cannoli, then you should head to a traditional Italian restaurant, which Disney boasts many of. Most do feature cannoli as a dessert feature in some format. And this delightful table service suggestion in EPCOT is no exception. Their deliverance on the traditional cannoli comes as a crisp, flaky pastry loaded up with the perfect balance of ricotta cheese, chocolate, and candied orange.

16. PizzeRizzo

This quick-service stop over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios also features cannoli as a regular dessert offering. For here they offer both standard flavor as well as a dressed up Hazelnut Crunch Cannoli specialty, which comes as a dark chocolate and caramelized hazelnut-dipped cannoli shell filled with whipped hazelnut spread cheesecake. For a limited time they are also presenting their holiday-exclusive Butterscotch-Caramel Cannoli, filled with caramel cheesecake, butterscotch chips, and chocolate flakes.

15. Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante, Enzo’s Hideaway, and Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

All of these inter-linked dining establishments located at Disney Springs feature the same famed Italian pastry pleasantries on their dessert menus. Up first is the traditional Cannoli Siciliano—a deliverance of sweet ricotta, chocolate chips, and candied oranges in a flaky pastry shell. Then there is their Torta della Nonna, alternately known affectionately as grandma’s lemon tart with pine nuts and almonds.

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14. Gelateria Toscana

Here is another EPCOT quick-service establishment better known as an ice cream stop but also delivering on other “non” ice cream goodies as well. And among the contenders for the latter status is their highly praised Cannoli Al Cioccolato. Following suit with traditional cannoli recipes, this featured dessert combines sweet ricotta cheese with chocolate and candied orange.

13. Kona Café

This is a famed favorite over at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, especially among foodies looking for a Pacific Island-specific flavor fix. And it’s here that you will find quite a few pleasing pastry items to be enjoyed as well. For starters, they offer a wide range of different croissant flavors, including bacon, cheddar, and egg or the sweeter Chocolate-Hazelnut Croissant feature. If you’re more of a Danish type then you will be happy to know you can get one of their rotating Seasonal Fruit Danishes to hit the spot. But two of their most unique features include their Lemon Tart and their Banana-Rum Trifle. The first comes as a lemon curd-filled Sablé tart shell with toasted meringue and chocolate curl. The second is a banana pastry cream with a chocolate pot de crème center and a creamy caramel garnishment. Kona Island, also on location, features a one-of-a-kind Coconut-Macadamia Nut Tartlet in addition to these items.

The Samoan - Kona Cafe
The Samoan – Kona Cafe

12. Tamu Tamu Refreshments

This quick-service favorite at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park features numerous interesting finds. And in the way of pastries, you can take delight in either a plain or specialty Honey Pistachio Croissant. They also offer up a fabulous Guava and Cream Cheese Danish—pretty explanatory as to what each presentation boasts.

11. The Mara

This is an acclaimed go-to destination at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. And among their many mouthwatering dessert enticements they are currently offering an honorary 50th Anniversary Tart, made using chocolate from Ghana and a special celebratory coin.

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10. Paddock Grill

If we’re honest, you don’t often hear much about this dining destination at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. An unexpected pastry destination indeed, they do boast several savory Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches in addition to a featured Chocolate Croissant.

9. Artist’s Palette

Here is another restaurant on location at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. It is here also that you can sink your teeth into a hearty Croissant Sandwich. Other pastry fixings include their Cannoli and enticing Crème Brulee Éclair, which comes as a crème brûlée custard, sugar crust, caramel ganache, with a milk chocolate disc.

8. Gasparilla Island Grill

Over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, you will find this boast-worthy casual dining establishment, which also offers up various pastry pleasantries. Start off simple with either a plain or multigrain Croissant, baked fresh. Their Cheese Danish is another highlight with foodie fans. But it’s their Almond Fruit Tart which is perhaps most unique, as it comes as a baked almond frangipane in a sweet tart shell topped with berries.

7. Café Rix

This café over at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort features myriad novelty concoctions and classic café hits alike. And in keeping with the pleasing pastry theme, guests here can indulge in either their decadent Chocolate Croissant or more unique Cronut—the perfect hybrid of croissant and donut in one presentation.

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6. Belle Vue Lounge

For a quick bite or a refreshing drink, head to this lounge over at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn. And if you want a sweet pastry pairing to set things off, you can delight in either their plain or house specialty Almond Croissant. They also offer up an enticing fruity Mixed Berry Scone as well.

5. Capt. Cook’s

Another spot to head to at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is this quick service stop, known to feature both plain and chocolate Croissants in addition to a wide range of assorted Danish variations.

Credit: Disney

4. P&Js Southern Takeout

Another great consideration among Disney Resort quick-service stops is this establishment onsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Here you can also enjoy various Croissant Sandwiches or take delight from an assortment of offered Danishes.

3. Roaring Fork

Here’s an additional resort-based dining establishment, located over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, where you can delight in either regular or chocolate specialty Croissants or dive into Danishes galore.

2. BoardWalk Bakery

This bakery is decked out with decadent desserts and baked goods to choose from, in addition to a satisfying mealtime menu. But for pastry picks here we are highlighting their Croissants, Cannoli, Key Lime Tart, and the one-of-a-kind Coconut Macaron.

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1. Kringla og Bakeri

This Disney World-renowned bakery, on location within EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion, may just reign supreme in baked good offerings. And while there are many we can highlight here, including their famed traditional School Bread classic, we’re keeping the focus on the following contenders:

  • Troll Horn—A puffed pastry containing orange marmalade cream
  • Norwegian Kringla—A traditional pretzel-shaped pastry decked out in assorted toppings
  • Lefse—Soft flatbread rolled up in cinnamon, sugar, and butter.
  • Chocolate Mickey Tart—A tart fashioned in that iconic Mickey Mouse shape, loaded with chocolate filling.
Kringla Bakeri
Photo Credit: Disney

You can always count of Walt Disney World to feature scrumptious food and decadent treats. And with limited-time holiday goodies and specialty anniversary features currently on the menu as well, the scene is undeniably a foodie’s heaven now more than ever before. While indulging your tastes for a featured good on a national day is a fun excuse for enjoying Disney treats, you really don’t need any excuse other than Disney eats, in all varieties, are always enticing.

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