The Top Fitness, Beauty, and Wellness Tips from ‘Maleficent’ Actress Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning Credit: Elle Fanning Instagram

As the new year begins, there’s no better time to put some New Year’s resolutions into place when it comes to your health, fitness, skincare, diet, mental health, or overall wellness  — and who better to give advice about wellness than a real-life Disney princess?

Most Disney fans already know Elle Fanning; the actress played the Disney princess Aurora in Maleficent (2014) and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) opposite Angelina Jolie, and she’s been taking the awards season by storm with her stellar performance as Catherine the Great in the ongoing Hulu show The Great (2020). The actress is also famous for her sweet nature, her talent, and her delicate beauty, so naturally she’s chock-full of great health and beauty tips!

Elle Fanning on the red carpet. Credit: Elle Fanning Instagram

As a fair-skinned woman with sensitive skin and eczema, Elle has found several tricks and beauty hacks to protect her skin. According to Byrdie she uses grapeseed oil as a makeup remover and sleeps with olive oil on her skin as a moisturizer sometimes. She also told Vogue that she has to wear “lots of sunblock. I’m allergic to PABA, so I use Neutrogena PABA-free [sunscreen]. My skin is very sensitive, and it’s so pale that everything will show up on it, so I have to be careful. I go to Dr. Lancer and I use his products. I also use this amazing oil that my sister introduced me to: Blissoma”.

When it comes to eczema, Elle has a dermatologist to help her control her eczema flareups and she turns to oatmeal baths for soothing the inflamed skin. When she gets eczema on her eyelids, she takes advantage of the natural ‘eye shadow’ too!

If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed recently, Elle also has a detox that might help! The actress apparently tries to avoid using her cell phone, because she admits to falling “victim” to the pressure of Instagram and comparing herself to other people online. “For me, I kind of have to take a break from that,” she said. “When I’m working, I don’t bring my phone with me at all, so that kind of gives me a detox from it”.


Elle Fanning on the red carpet. Credit: Elle Fanning Instagram

Elle is known for her love of salt baths; in an interview with Byrdie, she said “I take a bath every night, which really calms me. I’ve done that my whole life. My sister [Dakota Fanning] and I, we’ve always loved our tubs! And making sure just to take a moment for yourself to relax, to clear your mind—that’s something I always try to do, ‘cause there’s a lot of things going on in there.”

Although Elle has a trim figure, she doesn’t restrict her diet too much. “I love going to dinner”, she told Byrdie. “That’s like my indulgence: any good meal…And chocolate is not my thing either. I’m like, more of a bread person. I love bread. I’m like a pizza, pasta, cheesy person—like, bread, cheese, that’s me. Cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon rolls.”

Elle Fanning Credit: Elle Fanning Instagram

Elle has a longstanding partnership with L’Oréal, so it stands to reason that her favorite makeup and beauty products are from L’Oréal. The L’Oréal Lash Paradise mascara and the L’Oréal Paris True Match Crayon Concealer are two of her basic everyday staples. For more glamorous events, she and her longtime makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe gravitate towards the L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Highlight Drops to give skin an extra glow, as well as some soft pink or coral lip colors


Elle Fanning as Aurora. Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram


Elle as Aurora. Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe Instagram

Erin Ayanian Monroe shared exactly what kind of makeup she used on Elle for the role of Aurora in Maleficent, which we’ve got the details about here, but Elle serves as excellent Disney princess inspiration in her personal life too! A tinted lip and cheek color, a minimal amount of skin makeup, a little brow pencil, some freckles, and a good mascara all seem to be key. If you want a neutral but flattering makeup look or some skincare inspiration, then Elle is the resource for you! The Golden Globe-nominated actress is also an advocate of D.I.Y face masks from her own kitchen that contain things like “yogurt”, “honey”, or “cocoa powder”.

When it come to fitness, Elle told Vogue France that she does have a personal trainer when she’s in Los Angeles, and that “he’s a boxer so I’ll box with him and do regular cardio”. “I used to do ballet and a bit of yoga,” she said in the interview. “I think it’s important to mix up your workout. Don’t just do one thing, try a lot, and see what works for you.” You can see an example of Elle’s workout here!

If you want some more New Year’s resolution inspiration, check out Hailee Steinfeld’s wellness tips and the beauty advice from some more real-life Disney princesses!


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