UPDATE: Disney Confirms Latest News About TRON Lightcycle Run

tron lightcycle run update

Latest Update: 12:33 pm ET- CONFIRMED: Disney World Reveals TRON Ride’s Opening Date

Published: 1/9/23 – 1:33 pm ET

Walt Disney World has confirmed an update to Guest procedure for  Magic Kingdom’s upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run attraction.

The Walt Disney World Resort is known to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth” for many reasons, but one of the foremost ones has to be the myriad rides and attractions across the four Theme Parks that have Guests lining up for more. A love for many a ride and attraction—think Space Mountain or Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom, Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or even lands like Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom—has Guests flocking to the Parks.

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park/Courtesy of Disney

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TRON Lightcycle Run has been one of the most anticipated rides since its announcement. After being announced during the 2017 D23 Expo as part of Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom Park. For years now, fans have been eagerly awaiting this roller coaster, and we have been seeing more news of testing and sneak peeks, including with the Good Morning America hosts.

The construction of the coaster even caused the Walt Disney World Railroad to close temporarily, though that recently reopened to much celebration.

disney world tron testing

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We learned during the D23 Expo last year that the roller coaster would have a spring 2023 debut, and as Disney gears up for it, we now have some more updates on what the experience of riding TRON will be like.

Disney has confirmed that Guests will have access to lockers during the ride, where they will have to store all loose articles. They may also leave them with a non-rider. This will have to be done before Guests are allowed to ride the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run.

disney characters magic kingdom

Disney Characters, Magic Kingdom Park/Courtesy of Disney

At present, we don’t yet know if the lockers will be complimentary or if they will be a paid service that Guests will have to avail of to enjoy this roller coaster.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news.

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