Characters Surprise and Comfort Disney’s Sheltering Guests

hurricane ian disney characters

Hurricane Ian continues to create issues and dangers for Florida residents, as well as other residents in southeast American states. The hurricane (which is now a tropical storm) has already caused Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral to close, meaning that no planes can take off for any reason aside from emergency flights and no boats or Disney cruise ships can come in or out of Port Canaveral until the Coast Guard reopens the port.

Walt Disney World Resort Guests are of course being affected by Hurricane Ian directly, as are Orlando residents, but it looks like Mickey Mouse’s friends are helping Disney Resort Guests (who are sheltering in place with boxed meals from Disney Resorts while the theme parks remain closed) in an important way!

Disney World Weather

Disney Fanatic is continuing to keep a close eye on news from Florida and Walt Disney World Resort regarding the tropical storm.

Obviously, some of the people who will be most affected by emergencies like Hurricane Ian are children. Kids might already be scared of storms’ heavy winds, and lightning or thunder, but they will also pick up on their parents and family members’ stress in the face of an unexpected shelter-in-place emergency situation during a Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

In an effort to keep the Disney magic going and calm children down, presumably, Mickey Mouse’s friends Goofy, Max, Chip, and Dale showed up in one Disney Resort hotel lobby for an unexpected Character Meet and Greet on Wednesday, September 28 in the midst of the dangerous weather. Check out this heartwarming interaction in the Tweet shown below!


Goofy Credit: Disney

The Tweet is written in Japanese, but according to Google Translate, the social media post says the following: “Delayed return to Canada due to hurricane. When I was relaxing at the hotel, Goofy, Max, and Chipdale appeared at the hotel! ! glad! Everyone watching anime in the lobby lol ? ”

If you look closely, you can see that one of the beloved Disney chipmunks has one of the children sitting on his lap! Disney has been through a lot of ups and downs lately, and Hurricane Ian has certainly impacted many people’s Disney Resort vacations and Disney experiences this week, but it looks like some Disney magic can still be found with the help of classic Disney characters’ magic!

Disney Fanatic will continue to cover the news from Walt Disney World Resort and Florida regarding the tropical storm.

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