The Tastiest Guilty Pleasures to Indulge in at Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort is hailed around the globe for offering up the ultimate “treat” as far as high-ranking vacation destinations go. It’s true that Disney has no shortage of attributes to brag about, and among some of the most boastworthy of all Disney World’s bragging rights is, of course, the phenomenal food scene that exists here.

Any foodie can attest to the flavorful presentations to be enjoyed at so many venues making up the Disney World food scene, including the different Disney World hotels, theme park locations, and obviously within neighboring Disney Springs. And let’s not forget EPCOT’s annual International Food & Wine Festival as well as other special events that give adamant reasons to eat, drink, and be merry.

Sure, there are so many palatable options to be savored on the refined side of things, but that doesn’t mean Disney World is without its own fair share of notable guilty pleasures, or “junk food” as you would have them. Following suit in the way just about every other theme park does, Disney has quite a couple of savory snack indulgences to its name — Disney snack legends, so to speak.

You probably already know about the more obvious items, like that classically recognizable Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar or all those other more admittedly mundane confections, which include Mickey-shaped crispy rice treats and themed character cupcakes. But here’s an extensive list highlighting 23 of the most sought-after guilty pleasures throughout Walt Disney World.

23. Churros

Over the years, many folks have come to cheer on churros as an ultimate Disney World snack. And there are several locations where you can delight in these sugary, fried confections all around. Even Disney Springs has two notable exclusively churros-based locations — Sunshine Churros West Side and Sunshine Churros Marketplace.

Cantina de San Angel over in EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion serves them up as a dessert with hazelnut spread. And Three Bridges Bar & Grill onsite at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort offers them as a warm dessert. You can enjoy fried baby churros at the Resort’s Maya Grill as well, and there’s even a unique option over at Paradiso 37 in Disney Springs. Nomad Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is also a great place for churros and even offers up a gluten-free variation.


Credit: Inside The Magic

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22. Themed Candy Apples

Among the many fun-themed eats rolled out through Disney’s most iconic snacks are their versatile variations of what used to be considered the classic candy apple. But now they’re all so much more, as candy apples at Disney World take on an elevated decadence, loaded up with all the works depending on the specific theme or motif they are going for.

While many places serve up both pre-packaged and made-on-the-spot concoctions, some of the best places to go to if you’re hankering for a novelty candy apple include Goofy’s Candy Company and Disney’s Candy Cauldron (both in Disney Springs), the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionary, Zuri’s Sweet Shop over at the Animal Kingdom, and so many others.


Credit: Disney Springs

21. Popcorn

Popcorn is a forever-popular pick for theme park snacks in general. And while Disney does admittedly divvy out several underwhelming, ordinary concoctions of such, there are also several locations that boast clever culminations of these kernels via unique flavor offerings and combinations to boot. Want to try the most authentic caramel corn ever? Just head to Karamell-Kuche over at EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion.

But this isn’t the only pavilion in the World Showcase boasting a unique take on popcorn. The Popcorn Cart in Canada actually presents maple popcorn. Looking for some out-of-this-world popcorn? Just head to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at try either the Buttered Blue Grains or Outpost Popcorn Mix combo featured at Kat Saka’s Kettle.

But one of the most novel popcorn fixings you can hope to have at Disney is obviously the customized concoctions you can scrounge up over at Main Street Confectionary’s Kernel Kitchen. Here they let you choose up to four popcorn flavors, two to three candy mix-ins, and even a flavored chocolate drizzle.


Credit: Disney

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20. Turkey Legs

Personally, I will never understand the appeal that ordering a Jumbo Turkey Leg has for some people, but it remains an undeniable tradition for so many Disney Park-goers. And because it is such, there are many different venues where you can snag one.

19. Dole Whip

Second to Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars, these cool soft-serve concoctions of pineapple making are the stuff of Disney legends. And now you can find them at far more locations throughout Walt Disney World than ever before. The two best-known permanent venues are still Aloha Isle, over in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park, and Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Wherever you go to get it, Disney’s Dole Whip remains a refreshing favorite.

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18. Pretzels

Warm, soft pretzels in general are among some of the best-known theme park delights. So, it goes without saying that there are many venues throughout Disney World vending out such goodies. But you should know that some places really up their game in just what they have to offer. From jumbo-size Mickey pretzels to sweet-filled novelties, you can get pretty particular about pretzels here.

If you head to Disney Springs, for instance, there are two Wetzel Pretzel kiosks that won’t disappoint — one on the West Side and the other at the Marketplace. But one of the most exciting pretzel presentations is the Air Pirate’s Pretzel appetizer to be enjoyed at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. Pretzel lovers take note, this giant beauty comes served up with spicy German mustard and beer-cheese fondue.

Mickey Pretzel

Credit: Disney

17. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

While Sleepy Hollow Refreshments (over at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park) is known for dishing up a host of carnival-like confections, one of the most popular featured items on the menu is their signature Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. Served with strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, the chocolate-hazelnut spread is what really makes it all come together.


Credit: Disney Dining

16. Tonga Toast

Aside from being the one and only Disney World hotel divvying out Dole Whip, the Polynesian is also the fan-favored go-to for Tonga Toast. A legendary culmination of banana-stuffed sourdough French Toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, you can actually get this decadent dessert-like breakfast staple at two onsite locations — Kona Café and Capt. Cook’s.

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15. ’Ohana’s Bread Pudding

Don’t leave the Polynesian just yet, because there’s another noted fan-favorite, this one being dished up over at ’Ohana’s. It’s that delicious dessert follow-up to their grand family-style dinner feast. Rightfully called ’Ohana Bread Pudding, this mouthwatering presentation comes served a la mode with a homemade caramel sauce.

14. School Bread

Next to the namesake Norwegian Kringla, which can rightfully be added to the aforementioned pretzel category, the School Bread over at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion is one of the top-rated menu items. It comes as a sweet roll filled with custard and dipped in coconut.

School Bread

Credit: Disney Dining

13. Zebra Domes

For many years now, these wildly delightful morsels have been among the most popular dessert exclusives to be savored at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Currently found among the other great goodies awaiting eager eaters over at the Mara, Zebra Domes come as chocolate mousse baked with Amarula Cream Liquor-coated white chocolate with a drizzle of chocolate stripes and shavings.

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12. Beignets

Another well-known dessert staple that Guests at Walt Disney World Resort just can’t get enough of are those very French doughy delights known as beignets. And currently, over at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort—French Quarter, you can enjoy a broad range of beignet-based features being served up at Scat Cat’s Club, from Mickey-shaped beignets with diverse dipping sauces to specialty beignets of a broader variety.

And let’s not even forget about those spirited Baton Rouge Beignets. Over at EPCOT’s France Pavilion, you can also enjoy beignets at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie.

Mickey Beignets

Credit: Disney

 11. Donuts

There’s really nothing new about doughnuts at Disney World, but there is a new, arguably better way to enjoy them now more than ever before. And fans have taken notice, making the novelty featured donuts at Everglazed Donuts in Disney Springs the newest donut obsession.

With so many different variations, toppings, and twists, it gives new meaning and a much more elevated standard to what a dutiful donut ought to be. Of course, there are still those longtime fans of Joffrey’s featured donuts as well — which is a continuous culinary cult classic, if you will.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Credit: Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew Facebook

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10. Gideon’s Cookies

Just as Everglazed raised the bar on what a donut is, Gideon’s Bakehouse has reinvented the concept of a great big warm gooey cookie. And by big, I mean half a pound, with a sweetness content that no other known cookie can even attempt to hold a candle to. But the record speaks for itself, as do the ridiculously far-reaching lines that cookie lovers must wait in (as well as the queue option).

Gideon's cookies

Credit: Disney Springs

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9. Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Since opening on the scene at Disney Springs, this novelty ice cream stop has been dishing out the most unconventional flavor bundles you never thought could work so well. So, as it goes, they are now one of the must-do treat destinations to come out and explore, boasting both permanent and seasonal creamy concoctions alike.

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8. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

On a more traditional ice cream note with an elevated twist, why not try a macaron ice cream sandwich? Combining the greatness of mouthwatering macarons with customizable ice cream as your filling, these delectable desserts really put L’Artican des Glaces on the map in the France Pavilion.

 7. Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake

For folks that like old-school comforts and nostalgic fare from the good old days, 50’s Prime Time holds a special place. And one of their featured dessert drinks combines both the timeless delightfulness of milkshakes and a childhood sandwich favorite that prevails to this day. It comes in the form of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake — a marvel in carrying out two traditions fused into one.

6. Blue and Green Milk

You don’t normally think about “milk” as being something most folks ask for by name. And the idea of it coming in the color blue or, worse yet, green doesn’t seem all that appealing. But it is! It’s one of the most highly sought-after beverage features folks come to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge just hankering to try. You can get your strangely-colored milk over at the creatively named Milk Stand.

 blue and green milk

Credit: Disney

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5. Grapefruit Cake

For a more filling decadent novelty over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, just head for the one and only Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant. Modeled after the original Hollywood Brown Derby of California fame, one of their most praise-worthy presentations comes in their recreated Grapefruit Cake dessert. It incorporates the very same original recipe, with grapefruit syrup and cream cheese icing.

4. Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake

The Magic Kingdom’s renowned Liberty Tree Tavern is a favored family-style feasting establishment. And what’s included in the way of sweet endings is their highly hailed house specialty: the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake. Following the same all-you-care-to-enjoy sharable format as the preceding feast, this delightful confection comes as a vanilla toffee cake with chocolate sauce and accompanying vanilla ice cream.

 3. Hummingbird Cake

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is an acclaimed Disney Springs venue known for a host of fan favorites. But one of the most indulgent desserts worth mentioning has to be their one and only Hummingbird Cake. Among one of Chef Art’s most famous creations, this phenomenal feature of a pineapple-banana cake comes covered in cream cheese frosting, seasonal fruit gastrique, and a garnishing crown of vanilla bean ice cream.

Hummingbird Cake

Credit: Kingdom Cuisine

2. Chocolate Extinction

For a real epic epicurean experience of prehistoric pleasantness, there’s no better place to go than T-REX Restaurant at Disney Springs. Tripling as an eatery, dig site, and store, the experience is even better with all those large animatronic dinosaurs and in-restaurant effects. And while the menu admittedly has mixed reviews among diners, minus the fun-pun naming of certain entrée items, one of the most favored features to indulge in here is their Chocolate Extinction Dessert.

Intended for four to consume, this chocolate-lover’s dream consists of a humungous slab of chocolate fudge cake, accompanying ice cream, fudge, caramel sauces, whipped cream, and Butterfinger crumble.

Chocolate Extinction

Credit: T-REX Facebook

1. Kitchen Sink

Here you have it, the mother of all ice cream sundaes: the one and only Kitchen Sink. While Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is most certainly known for numerous novelties, this iconic ice cream concoction arguably leaves all others in the dust.

Designed to serve four people, the bounty here comes served up as ice cream scoops of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cookies ‘n’ cream, and mint chocolate chip flavors, loaded up with hot fudge, peanut butter, Snickers bits, a fresh-baked brownie, and just about every other imaginable topping in addition. A chocolate-lover’s version is also available.

 Kitchen Sink

Credit: Disney

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These are by no means the extent of Disney’s far-stretching array of guilty pleasures. And such options may vary depending on a Guest’s individual tastes. Just the same, Disney is known for so many delightful, decadent goods that it would be seemingly impossible to specifically give praise to each and every one. But each and every one is in fact worthy of a standing ovation.

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