Will Tower of Terror Go Beltless After TikTok Craze? Here’s The Truth

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It’s been a strange few weeks in the world of Disney. Between the “disturbing” black ring that was seen above Disneyland Resort, snow hitting the Southern California Disney Resort, and fans finding out that the latest Hollywood buzz Cocaine Bear was inspired by a Disney character, some strange events have kept Disney fans on their toes. But what Disney is now also seeing is the return of the rumor mill; in a video that has gone viral and gotten over a million views online, the latest is that Disney is going to remove seat belts on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for the 50th anniversary/Courtesy of Disney

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Despite the fact that last year a man who didn’t wear his seatbelt on the Hollywood Studios attraction hit his head on the ceiling, a video that has been going around on TikTok now has some fans convinced of the rumor that Disney is going to permanently remove seat belts from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. Many shared that the attraction was already scary enough as it is, and fans were quite unanimous that they didn’t want this critical safety feature gone.

Check out the video that started the rumor:


Are you excited or terrified for no seat belts on Tower of Terror?! #disneyworld #disneynews #hollywoodstudios #towerofterror #missionbreakout

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That people have been worrying about this is certainly understandable, considering that there was a recent TikTok trend wherein Guests were choosing to forego their seatbelts on the Disneyland Resort version of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror, Mission: BREAKOUT!

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However, given that Disney’s response to this trend was to issue a warning that Guests could be asked to leave the Parks if they didn’t behave in alignment with the necessary safety measures, the response should definitely have put this rumor of the removal of Tower of Terror seat belts to rest before it even took off.


Sorcerer Mickey meet ‘n’ greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios/Courtesy of DVC Shop

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This is by no means the first rumor that has overtaken the Disney community. Last year there was the thought going around that Walt Disney World Resort was going to be removing the Cinderella Castle, and this year there was the rumor going around that Disney was permanently closing Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and that Space Mountain was going to become a lights-on attraction.

Needless to say, we’ve debunked all of them and will continue to be on the lookout to deliver the news to all our Disney Fanatics as we find out about it!

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