Guest Slams Disney: “No Longer Experience But STRICTLY Profit”

disney magic gone strictly profit

Disney Guests are not holding back about their frustration with the Walt Disney Company; one told fellow would-be Park-goers to save themselves “hundreds if not thousands of dollars,” and to “go to ANY other Amusement Park.”

The Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and other Disney Parks have long been held as the ultimate spot for a Disney vacation, but in recent years, this is a title that has been contested by myriad fans. More and more, fans and Guests feel like the Walt Disney Company is focused more on just making a profit rather than retaining the essence and feel of what Walt Disney started almost 100 years ago.

partners stature disneyland resort

“Partners” Statue, Disneyland Resort/Disney Parks Blog

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Disney Guest and Reddit user u/Ok-Diet2240 shared their disappointment during their recent trip to Disneyland Resort. The Disney fan shared frustrations with Disney Genie, Genie +, the Individual Lightning Lane system, and the general increase in prices for merchandise in the Disney Theme Park. They said on the social media platform.

Wtf happened to Disneyland.

I get genie+ is for profit, but letting in 10-20 lightning lane groups to the 1 standby group? 2 1/2 HOURS in the radiator racers line, as we hear people in lighting lane passing as “wow we’re walking right on again”. This place is no longer experience but STRICTLY profit. 4 hours later I’ve been in TWO lines, the first was incredicoaster and it shut down right as we were stepping on to the ride. Then we get hit with “here’s a free pass to jump next time but you can either use it on this ride IF it opens, or on jumping jellyfish. No radiator racers, guardians of the galaxy tower, or soarin”. What a complete joke and waste of half a grand for one person for the week. Not to mention the increase in EARS. $35 to $54 for headband ears??? If you’re looking for actual rides, I recommend full sending to ANY other amusement park at this point. Save yourself the HUNDREDS if not thousands of dollars.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort/Disney

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This frustration is contextualized by the fact that Disney Parks recorded a staggering 28.7 billion in revenue in 2022 across all their properties. Disney has announced multiple price increases for Genie+ and Lightning Lane, Disney Vacation Club members, or even for basic ticket prices.

Disney fans constantly use social media to share their frustration with the Mouse House.

mickey mouse disneyland park

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Park/Disney

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been primarily held responsible for a lot of the downhill trend of how Guests feel about the Disney Park. Chapek has helmed many of the decisions that fans have not appreciated for a while now. Many fans have even started petitions to have Bob Chapek replaced, though Chapek’s contract has him in the position for another three years.

Whatever the reason for the reported disappearance of the Disney magic, people are still frequenting the Parks in droves, and it’s clear that they’re as popular as ever, with reports of the Parks being incredibly crowded as always.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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