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Video: ‘Small World’ Breaks Down, Cast Members Tow Boats by Hand

small world ride breakdown

The nightmare of at least a few Disney Fanatics came true this last week as Disney Park Guests got stuck on “it’s a small world” and were towed back to the loading dock by Cast Members. The incident occurred at the original “small world” attraction in Disneyland Park, and a TikTok video by @mayakinss_, who said: “I got stuck on ...

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Photo: Disney Cast Member Pushes Broken-Down PeopleMover

Disney PeopleMover Breakdown

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover at the Magic Kingdom is one of the most beloved attractions but also one of the most troublesome recently. It appears that the elevated tour of Tomorrowland is still experiencing operational problems. A photo posted to Reddit by u/smokeineyes a few days ago shows Cast Members literally pushing one of the blue trains along the ...

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Video: Disney Park Guest Breaks Attraction Mid-Ride

Guest breaks Disney ride

A Disneyland Resort Guest single-handedly broke one of the rides at Disney California Adventure, literally. A TikTok video posted by @mksoh728 shows Guests stuck on WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure in Marvel’s Avengers Campus. Apparently, a Guest stuck his or her hand out of the ride vehicle, and that action caused the entire ride to break down. Check it out: ...

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