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Fire Department Rescues Guests on Pirates of the Caribbean After Cast Member Jumps in Water

Pirates of the Caribbean rescue at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean is the quintessential Disney attraction. It’s almost at every Disney Resort globally (except for Disneyland Hong Kong). Related: VIDEO: Family Jumps Off Disney Ride Pirates of the Caribbean Ride The original version in Disneyland Park even has touches of Walt Disney himself. Despite its age, the popularity of the ride (and the Pirates of the Caribbean movie ...

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Nightmare At 120 Feet: Disney Guests Forced To Climb Down Ride

Incredicoaster breakdown at Disneyland Resort Nightmare

Earlier this week, a nightmare scenario occurred for Disney guests (and all theme park visitors). A malfunctioning roller coaster at Disney California Adventure Park forced dozens of guests to evacuate the ride from 120 feet in the air. Related: New Video of Violent Disney Fight Surfaces on Social Media Incredicoaster Breakdown and Evacuation One park guest shared their story of the ...

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Disney Guests Languish in Broken-Down Ride Before Uncomfortable Evacuation

El chapo disneyland railroad train

Another day, another broken-down Disney ride! Inconvenient malfunctions and traumatizing breakdowns have become constant issues in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, so much so that Disney Park Guests actually account for wasted time in their Disney vacation days due to roller coasters’ mechanical problems. Disney’s “Frequent Offenders” Some breakdowns are minor annoyances that happen often enough to label ...

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Guests Rally Together While Trapped On Disney World Ride


It seems safe to say that many Walt Disney World Resort Guests have been leaving their Disney vacations with some disappointment these days. Whether it’s been caused by lackluster food, high prices, or confrontational other Guests (or even Cast Members), tensions in Disney World seem high. That tension has only been exacerbated by the “ridiculous” number of ride breakdowns in ...

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More Disneyland Rides Close As Maintenance Department Struggles


Many Disney enthusiasts already could surmise that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort were struggling with understaffed maintenance departments and a lack of theme park ride mechanics, even before reports of that shortage were shared in this article. After all, the “ridiculous” number of Disney Park ride breakdowns have been increasing, so much so that many Disney Park Guests ...

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Guests Complain As Splash Mountain Falls Further Into Disrepair


A classic Disney ride is on its way out in a very permanent fashion — but unfortunately, this Magic Kingdom Park ride’s grand finale is proving to be very underwhelming for Walt Disney World Resort Guests! Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been complaining about the constant ride breakdowns, animatronic malfunctions, and ride evacuations that have plagued ...

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Guests Complain About “Ridiculous” Number of Ride Breakdowns


One of the biggest factors in many Disney fans’ Disney vacation days involves how they are spending their valuable Disney time. Unfortunately, these days, it seems like that time is being wasted more and more: Disney rides are breaking down and malfunctioning at a shockingly-frequent level, and Disney World or Disneyland Guests have absolutely noticed! In a conversation on the ...

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Devoted ‘Haunted Mansion’ Fan Leaves Ride Disappointed

haunted mansion ride out of order

We have seen a lot of negative reviews from Disney fans lately regarding their customer experience on Disney vacations — both at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort as well as Disney Resorts or Disney Parks further abroad. Inappropriate behavior on Guests’ part and an overall loss of Disney magic have certainly been a factor, but Guests have also ...

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